Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguin
Official expansion(s): Wildlife Zoo
Animal type: Bird

Conservation status:

Least Concern





Deep Water

Diet: Fish

The emperor penguin is another adoptable animal in Wildlife Zoo


Emperor PenguinEdit

Aptenodytes forsteri

The emperor penguin is one of only two penguin species that live on the frozen Antarctic continent. Penguins are flightless seabirds that are skilled swimmers, with streamlined, barrel-like bodies that reduce drag in the water. Their wings are thin, stiff flippers that provide propulsion while swimming. Unlike other birds, which have hollow bones, penguin bones are solid so they can remain submerged underwater. Penguins come ashore to breed, but they are actually marine animals that spend as much as 80 percent of their lives underwater.

How to handleEdit

Very easy to handle, all you need to do is have the right conditions for it and have a big enough exhibit for it.

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